Meet our Staff

We are young people in recovery, certified recovery coaches who are also trained in Mental Health First Aid.

We are committed to making sure our students get the best recovery support services possible through one-on-one coaching, continued peer support, and motivational interviewing. We partner with surrounding counties and colleges to provide our students with quality education.

About our staff

Stephanie Trent

Director of Youth & Family Development


Stephanie is a person in recovery, meaning that she has not felt it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since March 25, 2016. Stephanie was born in South Carolina and raised in Maryland. Stephanie has battled addiction since she was a child and knows all too well the struggles of trying to stay clean in high school when seemingly everyone around you is using. She is a single mother of two sons and a daughter. Stephanie is fully committed to her recovery and giving back what was so freely given to her through the 12-step fellowship in which she participates.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’” – Audrey Hepburn

Honesty Brackett Liller

CEO McShin Foundation

Honesty Brackett Liller has been employed full-time with McShin since January 2008. In 2010 she was awarded McShin Employee of the Year. She has been in recovery since May 27th, 2007. Honesty went through our female recovery residential program at McShin when she decided to recover from drug addiction and now she supervises that very house. Honesty is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and trains individuals on how they become one as well. She is happily married with two beautiful children. Liller was promoted to CEO of McShin in 2013 and she now runs all the day to day operations of McShin, trains individuals on how to administer Nasal Naloxone and is also a notary public. She has coordinated and planned many Recovery Month and other events since being at McShin and with her ongoing advocacy efforts she has attended dozens of meetings in Washington D.C., including the White House, to be a face and voice for recovery.…more

We can overcome anything together

An estimated 24.6 million million Americans aged 12 or older have used an illicit drug in the past month.

What example are we setting for our future generation?. We believe our culture is sick, the rise of drug use is an indicator that the general population is increasingly self-medicating instead of communicating.

At McShin Academy we emphasize openness and honesty, our staff are candid with our students, giving them a real world view of the dangers of continued alcohol and drug use.

in numbers

For youth it seems daunting to enter recovery when seemingly everyone around them is using drugs and alcohol.

The mentality of “if I’m doing it, and my friends are doing it, that means everyone is doing it” is toxic to the well being of society.

We stand

After the initial hesitation of entering recovery wears off students see that recovery is not only possible, but it’s fun.

Our staff help our students see how recovery has the opportunity to change their lives, as well as everyone else around them..

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